Director, writer, and native New Yorker Michael Barakiva debuts his first novel, One Man Guy, a coming-of-age story following an Armenian American boy who experiences falling in love for the first time while dealing with the social struggle of being both Armenian and American. Barakiva writes a comedic, gratifying love story where fourteen-year-old Alex Khederian learns how to love, not just someone else, but his overbearing family and himself. This novel includes:

  • Many mentions of delicious Armenian food
  • Conflicting family pride
  • Sk8er Bois (Avril Lavigne™ 2002)
  • Many old film references
  • A full scale teen movie makeover
  • Free tour of New York City
  • The Most Awkward Parent Meet-&-Greet Ever!!!

Alex is a sweet and intriguing narrator and my heart went out to him on every page. Give this book a try if you want a short, fun, heartfelt New York City Guidebook disguised as a bildungsroman. Plus, come on, guys. Watching a makeover on screen is one thing, but reading one? It is literally one of the greatest scenes in any book I’ve ever read. Read this!!!


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